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Post  DeadlyKnife on Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:26 am

Ok i write now here our Serverrules:

1. No commander -reason: ban for life
2. No gun -reason: kick secound time ban for week(!b xxx gun week)<- so you ban for a week
3. No admin vote -reason: ban for week
4. No wall cross -reason: kick 2 times than ban for week
5. No orange names -reason: ban for life
6. No bad Language -reason: kick
7. No enter central -reason: kick 2 times than ban for week
8. (Its for the clanmembers) dont break rules -reason: ban for day
9. (its for duell) Dont kill the guys - reason: ban for week
10. ProX and =K&S= Members get ban for life (bad asses are not welcome on our server)

if you dont like the rules than go on other server


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